About us


"Necessity is the mother of all invention" - Plato

Leaving behind a career in the financial services, Lavina Bonar created Sizers; the world's first shoe sizing insert!

Lavina was on her way to a last minute job interview and with no access to her work wardrobe, she had to find a suitable pair of shoes fast. What should have been a easy task, was in fact almost impossible as she found that size 5 shoes varied from shop to shop and from style to style. Needing shoes fast, Lavina purchased a size 5 and a size 4. The size 5 kept slipping off, with the left a lot looser than the right so she wore the size 4 which cut her heels badly.

That's when Lavina had her eureka moment. Surely, she couldn't be the only person this happened to? Lavina got the job but couldn't stop thinking about the problem. So in her spare time, she started working on sourcing material, designing, prototyping and finally Sizers was born

Sizers have won many awards including the prestigious Drapers Footwear Awards in 2017 and have been featured in publications such as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Red Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Irish World, Irish Times, Ryanair Infight Magazine, GBMG, Fashion London and even appeared on Good Morning America

Sizers are proud to be designed and made in the UK.