About us

Launched in November 2013, Sizers is the creation of Lavina Bonar. Leaving a career in the financial services and pregnant with her first child, Lavina set about designing a world's first. A simple insert which re-sizes shoes and allows women to wear the shoes they want. 

If you have a sister or a best friend, or even a trendy mummy then you'll know what we mean. Have you ever wanted to borrow their vast collection of shoes but couldn't because they were a different size, a size bigger perhaps? Well now you can (with their permission of course!). Simply slip in Sizers and instantly their shoes fit your feet.

Maybe you have seen a fabulous pair of heels on sale but the sizes were limited, and they only had them in a bigger size? No problem. Pop in Sizers and see how snugly they'll fit! 

Or perhaps you’re like so many of us, between shoe sizes, and tired of squashing your feet into the smaller size and slipping out of the bigger. Now you can slip Sizers in and let the shoes conform to your shoe size. No more ill-fitting or big shoes for you! 

Sizers are proud to be designed and manufactured in the UK.