When you can't get the size you need then you NEED Sizers!

Our inserts are made using medical, "mouldable" foam?

Choose from either Round-Toe or Pointed inserts. All our inserts can be used moulded or unmoulded. Moulding is recommended for enhanced comfort and a #perfectfit!

If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase then we're happy to refund you - No questions asked!

Featured collection

The Original "Mouldable" Shoe Sizing Insert

Unlike heel grips or insoles, Sizers are specifically designed to re-size shoes. Our inserts offer a unique and revolutionary solution to effectively adjust the fit of loose shoes.

- Reduces the size of ALL closed-toe footwear 

- Moulds to your shoes and to your feet for a custom fit

- 3 sizing options (1/4, 1/2 or 1 whole shoe size)

- Available in round or pointed toe

- Perfect if you're between sizes, have petite or different sized feet

- Prevents heel slippage, blisters & skin irritation

- Made in the UK from medical grade foam

When you can't get the size you need then you NEED Sizers!

Stylist Approved

"I use Sizers in my client’s shoes and absolutely love them! A definite must have for any working stylist or woman!" - Jessica Paster, Celebrity US Stylist

"Ta dah ! These are genius. If your shoes are too big or loose, they create the perfect fit." - Cathy O Connor, Celebrity Irish Stylist