Try our New & Improved Sizers!

Sizers are proud to launch our NEW & Improved range of shoe sizing inserts.

A lot of thought, time and R&D went into creating these inserts. Innovation is at the heart of what we do and whilst many customers were happy with our original product, we felt we could do better.

We widened the curve so as to allow more room for the toes, we increased the size (slightly) and got rid of the indentations (many thanks to the feedback received from our highly valued customers)

We now have two different shaped options so as to allow for round and pointed toe shoes. Both inserts re-size shoes up to 1 whole shoe size with three different (color coded) sizing options available. 

Our pointed toe option has the additional benefit of creating a more rounded shape internally in pointed toe shoes which is much more natural for toes and much more comfortable for wearers.

Our Sizers continue to be made using Azote foam technology, with medical grade and chemically free foam. All our products are proudly made in the UK.

We continue to work with various footwear bodies, to innovate and to bring to you only the best solutions for footwear! More to come...

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